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I love sad things.

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"I love old things. They make me feel sad."

I'll preface this by saying: No not in the Emo sense.

I've always loved just those sort of sad movies and songs, or even stories, that just move you emotionally. It's strange and probably for those people who don't get it will think I'm exceptionally weird. But I have such a profound appreciation for those things that can make me feel something with such clarity I suppose.

I guess things that are happy and funny, that make me smile, I love those too, but it's not something I embrace as readily. It doesn't really compare in the sense that it has that intangible quality of something really deep. To a degree, happiness is kind of superficial too me.

Anyway, rambling aside, movies like The Reader, Atonement, Revolutionary Road all have that quality of gripping realism which just moves you. Songs like Counting Crows - Colorblind, have that ability to relate too and takes you back to those times where the music is suitable. Once again, it's a difficult quality to explain, I think it's something just, you can appreciate or question, eitherway really makes you think.

So yes, being sad - as sadistic it may seem, when its something you've seeked (I don't mean getting off from the death of someone), when its something external, is really one of the most extraordinary things.