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Reinventing my future

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by , June 17th, 2010 at 01:12 AM (685 Views)
I swore I'd never do this again. Retail. Ugh.

But for me, it is fairly easy, the pay is OK (I'll never get rich) but it is stable, has benefits, a 401(k), and can be fun. I took a part time seasonal job before Christmas, it turned into a full time sales position, and now the new job.

So I guess I'm committed now.

I've accepted a new position of Merchandiser, specifically Lead Merchandiser for Home and Men's at the Retail Emporium.

I'll be in charge of 4 part time employees, Millions of dollars of inventory, and my area is responsible for about 4 Million dollars of Sales. I'll also have temporary help during the Holidays.

As a part of the interview, I was told the next step is Merchandise Manager, responsible for managing the movement of ALL merchandise in the place (about 15 Million a year). And they are looking for someone to move into that position within the next year or so, as the current MM is probably going to move on.

The hours suck (6AM start, 4AM during Christmas) but I'm grateful for the opportunity.

There's going to be a bit of a learning curve as I'm not really all that fashionable, but if I can't learn Men's fashion, I guess I will lose my Gay card permanently. :p

The other sucky part is I will be working for all Girl people. :eek: Girls think different. I guess. :confused:

Wish me luck. I start the new job in a week. ..|