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Here I go again

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by , June 14th, 2010 at 11:47 PM (528 Views)
I've been 'invited to interview' for another position at the Retail Emporium.

Turns out the Not-So-Evil Bosnian Woman who had a tendency to make my life miserable before Christmas has decided she can't do the job any longer and is leaving the Merchandising team to go to Sales (which should be quite interesting, to say the least :rolleyes:). I've been asked to interview for the position.

It is a step up from sales (and a bit of a raise, too) and something I could do, mostly. What I don't know I know I could learn quickly. But the hours suck (6AM to 3PM normally, starts at 4AM during the holidays) and at times the workload can be hell.

I asked my current Manager about it (he was warned by the person who invited me to interview) and he agreed I could do the job but told me there is ANOTHER position coming up that he thinks I'd be better for. Apparently another Merchandising person is about to be fired...but not I really don't want to say more...but it sounds more like me and looks easier, too...besides paying better.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if my current Manager is a friend or an enemy. I can't help but wonder if my moving to a Support role keeps HIM safe, because his job is exactly what I used to do many years ago; and since I'm considered a rehire the Company knows that and is aware of my rather good record.

I really can't ask ANYONE at work, either. It is too hard to tell if someone you talk to is actually a spy for Management or not. The politics at this place are unusually bad...something I've heard about from others who have worked in other locations. It is best to keep your mouth shut and ears open in this place. You'd think that all the Managers were a bunch of know, the way they gossip and backstab and such.

But since declining an invitation to interview for a promotion is probably suicide...I've decided to go for it and see what happens.