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Illegal Art

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by , January 26th, 2005 at 11:43 PM (448 Views)
I downloaded this short film called Removed by Naomi Uman very slowly (it's 74MB and I connect with my 56K so slowly that it's obscene).
The whole thing is scenes from old softcore pornos, but Naomi has coloured over the women with white paint, as well as tinting the rest of the picture and superimposing some grit.
I rented Lieberstraum because it is part of the MGM Avant-Garde Cinema Collection, and it looked interesting. Modern Avant-Garde/experimental cinema usually revolves around a basic erotic-film-noir setting (when I think avant-garde, I think David Lynch).
I also rented Confessions of an American Girl and Shaun of the Dead. Confessions because Jena Malone and Brad Renfro star ^_^, and Shaun because it's a "romantic comedy... with zombies."
I'll take them to Chris's tomorrow, and we can watch them after we see House of Flying Daggers and go to his band practice.
Surprisingly, percentage-wise, there are more copies of Alien vs. Predator in the store than of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Maybe the town's taste is turning? One can only hope.
I realized a few days ago that, on my break, going around the corner to smoke is much cooler than sitting in the parking lot between cars. I feel like I'm in [email protected] sitting on the Corner.
Maybe I'm just lame.

I really don't feel like going to my film class tomorrow... Hollywood in the 30s? I hope we watch something OTHER than Citizen Kane. Maybe It Happened One Night or Arsenic and Lace. I have to go, though, because I need to know what I got on my test. Hopefully passing? I didn't really study the part about D.W. Griffith, but I know SOME his contributions, and I know all about German Expressionism.

Aaaaand it's 2:40AM. I have to be up at 10 to get ready and leave by 11. Thanks, JUB.

Last thing: I love reading the San Fran Chronicle. Someone wrote this huge commentary about 2004 TV and the FCC. Best quote: "Witch hunts are soooooo 2004." Seriously, he included that many "o"s.