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Feelin kinda depressed

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well its been about a month and 3 weeks since I took my boyfriend to spend about 4.5 months in Japan to finish college. Its been really ruff on me. I was so used to being able to just call him and chat, and then drive the 130 mile treck to visit him at school, and he would occasionally drive down here.

Ive been with him every weekend in the last 1 year and 4 months except for 2. one of which he was on vacation with friends and one when he went to New Jersey on his birthday weekend with his dad. Now that hes gone, its been very difficult to stay positive. I feel like I just want to crawl up into a ball and sleep for the next 89 days till hes home. I know this isnt a good thing to do, and hes even told me to have a life, go to the bars and have fun and just enjoy life and make some new friends.

Well I have tried making new friends and I just have no motivation to make new friends, I just feel like half of me is missing. We have our small group of friends and I can be a social butterfly but I just have no motivation to go out and try to make friends. Does that make me weird, crazy or what ever? I don't know but something tells me yes.

I don't know what to think, I just think about how much I miss him and how much I love him.