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Lady Gaga was Amazing (Duh!)

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Any fan of Lady Gaga who didn't go to the Monster Ball Tour,
you missed out big! The concert was absolutely brilliant, the
theme and how the music intertwines was so clever and every
song invigorated the crowd to jump from their seats and sing
along. The connection she made before, during and after
every song was so sweet, she'd thank us for being her

My amazing photography

You might question the mothers who brought their under 10
children, there was some emotional swearing, but nothing

My ears are ringing 12 hours later from the screams and
everyone singing along more then the music itself, their wont
be much of my voice left either from screaming for more. She
promised she'll be back next year, hopefully she doesn't
break my heart.

If you didn't get a chance to go, she also promised 30 years of
music, so don't fret - there will be more - and i'll be there too,
hopefully dressed up too like the other little monsters. But for
now, I'm just so happy I could die (Oh how cheesy).