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The Hurt Locker

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By now, you've heard about The Hurt Locker. If not, that's actually really impressive. But I know you have, so more importantly, why? Because it's pretty fantastic.

Having earned itself 9 Oscar noms, winning 6 of these (Including Best Film & Director - Kathryn Bigelow), over Hollywood juggernaught Avatar. A host of other commendations and awards has really cemented this film as War-nostalgia epic and after seeing it earlier this year, it was quite understandable.

Avatar was a visual treat, but it doesn't compare to the grit of Bigelow's adaption of a Bomb Squad in Iraq. Jeremy Renner is amazing in showcasing soul and emotion through the actions of William James, a husband and father whose love lies with his job. The real surprise is a 21st century war movie not snubbed for its intricacies but embraced, with its hard-hitting notions of life & death, family & work and the dangers in the army.

I found this movie one of my favourites of '09, as I'm sure most of you will as well. Its a movie that stays with you, even if you're not into the action/war films (which I'm not a fan of!).