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A Crossroads

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by , February 28th, 2010 at 01:03 AM (507 Views)
The old calendar on the wall tells me it is now basically March 2010, and is a self imposed deadline to make some serious decisions...and I still have no idea what those decisions are going to look like.

1. Job.
Things on the job front are remarkably well. Long story short, I ended up practically running the Inventory back in January, once Management discovered I used to do Inventories for the Company DAILY for a living for two years. Of course this didn't pay me any better, but turns out that I was the ONLY person hired 'seasonally' that was retained.

I moved to a Full Time Sales Associate the last week in January. This has gone really well and should I retain the position until October, I'm already qualified for a raise; but I don't think I'll be doing this until then. It has already been insinuated that I'm moving on, and soon. Even met the Regional VP who knows my name (and history) and told me there are changes coming for me 'soon' and he 'hopes I'm here for a Career.'

The only problem is I'm not sure if this is what will happen because...

2. Going 'Home'
At some point, my Partner and I have GOT to go back to Michigan. We've got a 3500 square foot house that is FULL of stuff, including all of my 'stuff.' If I'm gonna stay in Colorado, I'd really like to have my 'stuff' here. He's making noises that if I have this job thing going well we won't go back until 2011, which is silly...I think.

Or, maybe I should just sell the house in Colorado, because by the end of March it will be mine (although my Partner has contributed about 20K to pay off Grandma's debts from the Nursing Home). We'd put all of the stuff here into storage, go 'home' and start over somewhere else. The economy in the UP is broken and won't be fixed, like, ever. I know that, he knows that, and I'm sick of the winters there. Plus, I really don't want to sell Grandma's house because of

3. The Economy
Even with the bad economy, Grandma's house value has not decreased, and showed a slight increase. I'd be an idiot to sell, because this place will increase 10-15% a YEAR and if I sell and move back in a few years, things will be unaffordable (again). It is time to hang on.

The house in Michigan hasn't increased in value for over 10 years, and in all actuality, we won't be able to sell the thing for more than $20 K (not a typo) if we are extremely lucky. And now the word is the School District is wanting to close the school on the next block over; there aren't enough people left in town to support four buildings!

We have even gone so far as to discuss (but not research) hiring an Architectural Salvage company to tear down the old place, maybe making a few grand, and walking away from the vacant lot. It wouldn't be the first time this has happened in that town.

Then I've got this freaking ugly issue from way back that keeps coming back like bad heartburn...

4. Phantom Debt
I've lived with crappy credit since the LAST time I worked for a Corporation... a badly handled downsizing forced me out just as I was beginning to 'make it.' SIXTEEN YEARS later it has reared its ugly head again...and there is still not a resolution. My Partner is willing to help out (again) but it just transfers the debt. Which is a problem because

5. Depression.
My partner is seriously unable to make any sort of decision about the future. He's subject to Major Depression (undiagnosed) but he's spent most of the last 4-5 months on the couch watching TV. The Dog died in August and he won't even let me mop the kitchen floor because the 'Doggie Tracks' are still on the floor...she stepped in her food bowl the night before she died and left a trail. It's cute and all, but it has been since AUGUST and the floor is a mess!

So I just don't know what to do. And decisions have to be made soon. Spring is coming, and we have to decide it we're rehiring the lawn fertilizer service (it is a real bargain); we have to decide if we're fixing his Mom's car (the Turbo is making a huge noise) or get a new one; do we stay in Colorado for the summer, or permanently, or sell, or what?

So that's my update. Thanks for reading if you bothered.