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Being Happy is Hard

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by , February 9th, 2010 at 02:36 AM (410 Views)

Another random thought while jogging today, the whole state of being happy. It's hard to explain the whole notion of being happy, its just a feeling we get - and feelings just being electro-magnetic messages in our brains - so why does it seem so difficult to obtain! I know we're a generation of materialists and we're very spoiled, but its so easy to be complacent with how life is and take it all for granted when its not going our way.

I know its stereotypical the argument of people who are poor and impoverished in third world nations; but we really do tend to not think about how simplistic and their lifes are in comparison, with menial activities and barely enough to survive. I'm one of the first to complain about being bored and when I don't go out or spend all my money to quickly, but things really aren't that bad. I think as a society we procastinate so much about what defines us that we lose sight of the important. Well, I know I often do.

Being positive and optimistic, walking with purpose, looking forward rather then dwelling on mistakes and negatives and really putting myself out there just seem like small things that I could do and really make an impact on my frame of mind, I feel genuinely happier and in a sense, 'complete', in doing so. I suppose it depends on the individual how they face overcoming being unhappy, but overcoming that mental block we tend to put up in finding happiness in simplicity seems like the first place to start.

That's all for now - I think... but if you think of something else, let me know! **wars**