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so stupid

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I am so stupid for believing in a guy who said he wanna meet yesterday!!! We planned about two weeks to meet each other, and guess what? he didnt even have a gut to txt or Im me to let me know whats up. I am SO DONE with MEN!!! Well, his loss, i am a nice guy who get along with everyone! he miss out what a guy friendly guy i am!! Well, I hope to meet the ONE but for now, I am DONE!! I dont Play Games!! endless email s so fucking stupid!! If ya are one of those guy who like to play with a guy's emition, please dont even fucking click on my profile and asked me if I am looking!!! Comeon guys, we all are adult here, it is time to grow up!! Judging a guy base on what he look like outside but not the inside, U are shallow!! looks are NOT Important!! what importand is the Heart!!!

Whoooo, I finally get it out of me!