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I still miss the good times with an old friend, but when the good times are overshadowed by the bad, it's time to move on. Sometimes people just aren't good for each other anymore.

Little Window

Last night I was
Walking down the
Street with my hands
In my pockets
When I happened
To find myself
Upon your doorstep.

And I don’t know
How I got there
On your porch but
I could not help
But press my nose
Onto the glass the
Little window in the door.

The inside of your
Home was bright and
The light shone on
All the trinkets
You had gathered
Since you left me
That cold, heartless day.

I saw you pass
By unaware
Of the peeping
Tom just on the
Other side of
The door with the
Little window I looked through.

It was so strange
Because you looked
The same as ever
But I knew you
Were not the guy
That I once loved
You were not that man.

The urge to press the
Bell came over me
But as my finger
Became level
With the button,
I thought twice and
I lowered my hand.

We would not
Embrace each other
And we wouldn’t
chat or laugh about
times we’ve spent
Loving ourselves
Remember times we had.

I sighed and
Unstuck my nose
From the window
In your front door
And I took one
Last glance through the
Little window in the door.

Then I took a
Heavy inward
Breath, and held it
As I turned on
My heel and stepped
Down from the porch
And the little window in the door.

I continued
My stroll and thought
I heard your door
Open up but
I did not look
Back instead
I just walked away.