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A setup?

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by , December 3rd, 2009 at 08:40 PM (562 Views)
I think either me or the woman I work with (the Crew Leader) is being set up by Management, and I really don't believe it is me.

And I like her, so it is a bit unfortunate.

She's incredibly possessive and territorial about her work, doesn't delegate, so she's chronically far behind on the entire department workload. And being that English isn't her native tongue, or even a second language (it is her fourth), the directives she gets in writing are too difficult for her to understand.

I actually find myself covering HER ass now, and the [self censored expletive] doesn't even realize it.

Well, to make a long story short, I needed to clarify my position (who do I work for? What is my position? Am I Temporary? Part Time? A Flunkie? A Supervisor? Company President?). Anyone following my story knows it has been a bit confusing.

On paper, I am now a Permanent On-Call Unassigned CORPORATE employee, temporarily assigned to this particular store under the direct supervision of the Store Manager. She's assigned me to the Visual Merchandising Department on a Seasonal basis. But I'm not a Store Employee.

They keep adding more and more responsibility to me; and the kicker is the higher ups are now bypassing the Crew Leader and instead assigning me work and actual long term planning stuff. And the Crew Leader lady is PISSED.

Today the Manager assigned me to set up a new Sale featuring certain things; the Crew Leader also assigned me roughly the same job but with different merchandise. I told her I was instructed to do it differently by her boss, and was shut down; so I spoke to MY boss about it and won once again. Not 5 minutes later the Crew Leader lady came by me and told me to never ask my boss anything without running it by her first. (I did!) Very not cool.

I honestly don't know what to do. I have a feeling I'm being groomed to replace the Crew Leader (or higher, since I used to do that in a previous lifetime). But I hate stepping on toes. But that's the way it works in the Corporate World these days, right? :mad: