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An unfortunate incident

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by , November 20th, 2009 at 08:55 PM (499 Views)
I had a problem at the new job today. I didn't handle it well but it remains to be seen if there is any lasting damage.

Usually the workday starts out with taking the merchandise that came in the day/evening before and working it into the sales floor. Today was no different, but with Black Friday a week away, there was an unusually large amount of the same stuff. Many copies of this, that, and the other thing. There were six flatbed carts full of items, each cart holds about 50 cubic feet of stuff. Hundreds and hundreds of items.

In order to be more efficient, I thought it best to sort out the merchandise, and distribute it once throughout the store; seemed pretty much a waste of time to carry three or four boxes of Stemware to the other end of the store (at least 300 ft. away) just to repeat the hiking another 40 or 50 times (there were over 150 sets of various types).

I was nearly done sorting out all this merchandise, when the Team Leader comes by to see what's going on, and starts telling me 'What are you doing? We don't sort things out, we don't have time to sort before putting it away.' It is 6:30 AM (not my finest hour anyway) and I try to explain that I am doing this traveling about only once, instead of many times, and this is a much more efficient method. She starts telling me I should do it Her way, I try explaining to her what I'm doing and the situation deteriorates. She gets upset and starts speaking in her Native language (Bosnian) and I may or may not have called her method 'Stupid.' I certainly was thinking that.

I finally diffuse the situation by saying I would stop sorting, do it her way and we would discuss the matter later privately. I did NOT stop sorting, and managed to get everything done by 7:15 AM, including totally resetting about half of the stemware area (about 400 square feet of floor space).

I made a point later in the morning to seek out the Merchandising Manager. She is actually my Supervisor, not the Woman who was arguing with me. I explained first that there had been an incident, and I was sorry if I had used some inappropriate language, and would understand if I were to be terminated because of it. Much to my surprise, this was the first she'd heard about it! I then explained that if anything, this was an area of expertise of mine, since one time about 20 years ago I spent a week at the Corporate Office OF THIS COMPANY helping develop faster merchandise processing methods and I was following the appropriate Corporate Procedure.

She then laughed a bit and smiled. She then told me that she was aware of my History (evidently I've got a reputation) and one of the reasons I was hired was this problem EXACTLY. Seems there has been a chronic problem getting merchandise onto the Sales Floor here in a prompt manner. Like the Christmas Waterford Crystal Ornaments that were found in the Stockroom THIS AFTERNOON (they have been there over 2 months). I'm not fired, and my offer to Resign was dismissed entirely.

I was told the Team Leader will be spoken to about the incident, I should not worry; I am doing a fine job, everyone is pleased...but I am sure it will be difficult working with this woman in the future. Especially since SHE is the one in some jeopardy...I was told that she should take some lessons on how to process merchandise from ME...and this was from the District Supervisor that showed up early in the afternoon. Evidently she heard about the whole thing from someone by then.

I hate bad days at work, even if I was right. ](*,)