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Finally, an inkling

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by , October 30th, 2009 at 12:12 AM (605 Views)
After three weeks, I finally have a better idea of what my Job MIGHT be.

Currently, I'm a Temporary Seasonal Part Time Merchandise Handler, a job that doesn't exist in the hierarchy of the place. Which means that whatever needs to be done, they say 'Let's try Yooper!'

I started off stocking shelves and displays. Then I was asked to organize a few displays. Then I was asked to stay way over scheduled time and work while the store was open and continue stocking and organizing but also helping Customers.

This past week has gotten much more interesting. It was time to set up the Men's Gift section, which meant shrinking the Luggage department to make room. I was given that job with very little instruction (but asked the right questons) while the others kept stocking shelves. I finished and the Store Manager came by and looked over my work and told me it was 'Very Impactful!' and was very pleased.

That being done, I was given the Visual Merchandising book (finally!) and was put in charge of setting up the entire new department. I was given empty fixtures and had to interpret the design to make it work. Being an old store, we don't have the exact fixtures so it is very creative and lots of decisions must be made. Got that done in a few hours and the Visual Merchandiser Manager came by and was really impressed!

The next day a District Person came by to review the Home Textile department. I'd reset several areas the week before and it looked great. He asked the VM person and also the Dept. Manager who had done the work (it was ME :cool:) and they called me over. Turns out the store was up 10% for the week while all the other stores were flat. Another 'Good Job!' and a few more questions.

Then on Tuesday I was asked to help set up another new area (Men's Slippers) for the Holidays. The two ladies I was with were getting terribly confused, and I was getting frustrated, so I stuck my foot in it and said 'Stop! Wait a minute! Give me One Hour, and I'll have this done!' This was after one of the two ladies said it would take all day. I reminded them that this was my area of expertise (I spent 10 years in the shoe biz a long time ago), and this one would be incredibly simple. So they let me do my thing and one hour later it was all done and MANY managers in the store came by and told me what I had done was amazing.

Wednesday Morning I was out on a break and one of the Department Managers happened by. He said Hello and the usual pleasantries. He told me that I've been noticed by both the Store and District Management. There are a bunch of people moving around after Christmas. According to this Dude, I'm on the short list to keep after the Holidays. I'm being considered for 1)Visual Merchandising somewhere In Store, either half of downstairs (Hard Goods [Housewares, Luggage, Fine China, etc.] and Home Textiles), All of Downstairs (add Kids and Mens). 2)Also there might be an opening for the All Store Visual Merchandising Manager. Or 3) there's an opening coming up for several District Merchandising Managers in several departments...which might explain why in two weeks I'm being sent to a DIFFERENT store for 2 or 3 days.

I know this was long, but that's the update. :D