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Such Arseholes

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by , January 15th, 2005 at 01:28 AM (472 Views)
Had dinner with friends in Sydney a few weeks back, just before Christmas. There was 12 of us and it was held at someone's house. Let's call them Paul and Connie.

Paul's sister has 3 sons, all under 10 and one of them is autistic. Paul was telling us about this day when his sister and her husband, along with the 3 boys came over for lunch.

A bit of background, Paul and Connie are very Nouveau Riche. He earns squillions each week and she has her own business. Second marriage for both and because they have so much money they drink themselves into oblivion each night with expensive wines Paul buys. Few friends, even less now.

But for all their wealth we sat on broken chairs or old chairs off the balcony that needed cushions. The dinner was catered by staff from The W Hotel in Sydney. Paul has just bought an E-Type Jag which we all had to see. A car can be taken out and shown off, a dining table can't so no point buying one?

Aaaanywaaay. Paul was telling us how his autistic nephew knocked over a 2m high giraffe that Connie had bought in Africa. The Giraffe smashed and Connie was so distraught she had to be sent to her room and given a cold shower to calm down. All over a material possession.

He then proceeded to tell us how he lectured his sister about how "That kid should be in a home; he'll never be any good to society; he's nothing but a burden; he's dragging her under" etc.

At the table was a Mother of 3 and her husband, a Mother of 4 and her husband, a couple of single females, single guys and me.

One of the Mother's then suggested that because Paul & Connie didn't have children, perhaps to help his sister they could take the child off her hands 1 day a week or month to give her a break?

Paul's response?

I quote. "I wouldn't cross the fucking road for the thing". Unquote.

Connie from the other end of the table then echoed his thoughts.

There was then a stunned silence as Paul & Connie laughed at their comments, poured more wine and kept on going. I really thought Dave, one of the Dad's was going to kill Paul.

Why we didn't leave the table there and then is still something I can't fathom. However, when driving home after dinner the 4 of us in the car vowed we'd never step foot in Connie & Paul's house again.

Maybe I'm being judgemental here but these are not people I wish to associate with.