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by , June 17th, 2009 at 12:50 AM (529 Views)
Well, this upcoming weekend should be interesting.

On Saturday, I am going to a Reunion Picnic where I expect to meet some people who knew my Father. It is a gathering of former employees of the company that my Father worked for when he died.

I've never met anyone who knew my Father outside of the family.

I am taking a whole bunch of corporate memorabilia to display.

I'm also under the impression that several of the attendees now work for a reinvented version of the company and one of them is the director of charge of hiring. The company is always looking for new employees, and in particular, former old employees or family members. And I am looking for a job.

So I've gotta be on my best behavior, and maybe something will come of this.

Don't know what will happen, but keep your fingers crossed!