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It's About Time

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I finally found someone that is on my level. What do I mean by that? He doesn't have the drama that I used to just expect when I met a guy. He has a job, a car, money now before we get this twisted. I'm not a golddigger or a cash strapped dude by any means.

But it means something to be with someone that has themselves together and is striving to achieve something. It wasn't a requirement before and I honestly used to just settle and think "that's the way it is". I know that's not the case and most importantly he loves me and i love him without any question.

I trust him utterly and completely in almost everything. I am just really looking forward to the future and all that it entails. Regardless of what happens though having met this guy has restored a little bit of faith in that their are good people out there for someone.

Yes, it's about time as the song says and i'm damn glad that the time came for me. It's all that i've looked for and dreamed of. It isn't about looks for me, its about something better and that's Love.

Yeah the time has arrived and i'm loving it. (*8*)