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get notified when you get new JUB-Mail!

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by , January 10th, 2005 at 07:49 AM (560 Views)
Hi guys and girls,

i was searching weather there is a way to make the JUB webmail RSS Feed working with Firefox's LiveBookmarks, unfortunately it seems not to be possible - yet. But they have a Firefox extension planned, yay!

But until the Extension is published, I found something else! HiveMonitor. A small (windows) program which can check your JUB webmail account in periodic intervals and notifies you when new mails arrive!

You can also minimize it to systray, so that you only see the little mail icon next to your clock, and when new mail arrives, you see that little notification on the right.

Except that the check-interval right from start is set too short, i have found nothing negative in that program :)
Get it at:

And after installation, please go to Tools -> Settings and set the "Mail Checking Rate" to at least 5 Minutes.

When you are initially asked to fill out the form, enter your username, password, and as URL enter

Hope you like it ..|