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A SMALL victory!

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by , March 24th, 2009 at 02:22 AM (537 Views)
I went to the Dentist today.

Like 50% of people my age, I've been fighting gum disease for years. Being self-employed and under-employed for a long time, I let my dental care go too long and by the time I started a comprehensive (and expensive) treatment, three years ago the Dentist was so concerned I might lose all my teeth.

It has been a fight, but today, my Dentist pronounced me 'Stabilized.' Meaning things are looking good. No more bleeding, and providing I quit grinding my teeth when I fall asleep in my comfy recliner in front of the TV (I wear a guard at night), the Dentist is quite happy with my progress, and if I continue the good maintenance, I just MIGHT end up with ALL of my teeth.

I was even out of the office in half an hour. And nothing hurts!

These days, this counts as a HUGE victory!