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So being Gay is this much fun?

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by , January 8th, 2005 at 12:03 AM (584 Views)
This happened to me a little while back and a night I won't forget in a hurry.

We had this courier coming into work each day. A regular run at midday or thereabouts. He was tall, lean, masses of dark hair and an absolute charmer. Trained as a teacher, he was filling in time until his place came available at a local school.

He used to wink and smile at the girls, he laughed with the boys. He worked the room and we all were in love with him. The office was always full until after he'd gone. Nothig pretentious about him, nothing over the top and even the very straight, reserved and boring bosses just loved to see him arrive.

So one night a crowd of us went out for drinks and dinner and "John" came along. One of our girls, Julie, invited him along because she just had to get into his pants. There were about 10-12 of us, male and female. All having a great night at a local pub before we ended up at my place for nightcaps. One by one the crowd started to drift off as the evening wore on.

John finally admitted to me he'd had probably one too many and could he crash on the floor? We have VERY strict drink/driving laws here and he wasn't prepared to risk it. I had no inkling as to what John was about other than a lovely guy who needed to crash on the floor.

So he crashed at my place on the floor in the lounge(I had a 1 bedroomed apartment) while I went to bed. I left the bedroom door open and we kept chatting.

I was just lying back in bed enjoying the conversation with no thought what-so-ever of what might be. For all intents and purposes, John was heterosexual and I was just lucky that he was staying and we were getting on so well.

As the conversation progressed, he came and sat on the end of my bed and we carried on chatting. Then John asked me, out of the blue because the conversation sure wasn't heading in that direction, how I coped with being Gay?

I replied it was OK, a bit tough at times, great fun lots of times, yadda yadda yadda. Then I hear the words, "I'm not sure if I'm Gay or not."

"Oh", says I?

"It's been tough". John comes from a strict Catholic family with 5 sons and 1 daughter.

So what was a man to do?

"There is really only one way to find out, John"

"I guess so"

The covers were lifted, the bodies met and the evening was beautiful. He is now one of my nearest and dearest and most special friends.

How lucky was I to have been able to share an evening of such beauty with a friend who was coming to terms with who he was?

We've done the deed several times since but he now has a stunning boyfriend whom I love and we all get on very well. We no longer carry the tourch for each other but just revel in the fact that we're such good friends and have shared something special.

My work here is done.