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Pessimism. It does work

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by , December 22nd, 2008 at 04:00 PM (614 Views)
Today me and a friend are supposed to see a movie. I was trying to reach him before go there, but he din't answered his phone. I went anyway and he din't showed up.

I was slight dissapoited but I already was seeing it happening. I always try to believe in the worst, or at least I never have hope.

I never have actually, I try to avoid if possible, even when the outcome looks like will logically go toward to a possitive result... I don't really expect that, I still think towards the negative one as the most likely. I try to be emotionally prepare to it, to the worse.

And when my friend showed up, I find out it does work. I din't felt worse or dissapointed, just a bit annoyed, but I felt just like I always feel.