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Gotta love this boy

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by , December 13th, 2008 at 06:33 AM (512 Views)
I finally decide that I'm going to post those blogs here. Because that boy already has my myspace blog and the yahoo one in the future... :D

OMG, recently I found this boy on youtube.(I think it's fate :D because he is not a popular youtuber and I found his video :cool:).

So we have a few messages back and forth. He is so sweet and cute. I love his piano playing. When he does vlogging, the way he talks and acts is cute too. :D (I think I'm developing a new obsession ;))

The only downfall is that he lives in Canada. :( And it took him too long to reply to the messages... agrrr.... I hate waiting :grrr: I guess he is busy and can't be online a lot like me. #-o Oh and I gave him my Yahoo ID. :D

I don't know if this is going anywhere, but let's see. !oops! :gogirl: