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Guess What?!

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CHICKEN BUTT!! :badgrin:

This moment of complete infantilism brought to you by L'Ennui® Brand Boredom. I seriously need to get out of this room.


I mean, I've spent pretty much the last ten days in here, alternating between the bed and the desk. I haven't even been watching TV. I've done a lot of reading, and watched a few movies in bed, and I went out on Saturday to run errands... but other than that, I've been here, waiting for the damned phone to ring.

The job I want at the nonprofit has not yet happened. My friend who works there has reported to me that he's sure I'm going to be hired, judging by remarks he's overheard from the people in charge; however, they have as yet neglected to tell me anything, either yea or nay. And it's driving me nuts. NUTZ I tellya!

The recovery time for my oral surgery has been a factor here. I mean, the painkillers were seriously fucking up my ability to function properly, and even though I stopped taking them after four days, they seem to be taking their sweet time completely exiting my system. And of course I was supposed to take it easy, at least until the stitches came out, which happened five days later. But after five days of enforced inactivity, I'm finding it very difficult to enforce any activity. I have shit to do, places to go, and all kinds of ideas... but all I want to do is go back to bed.

Well, I'm going to get up now. I have to run down to the pharmacy for the Grandmother, she's out of hydrochlorothyazide. First a shower and some fresh clothes. And while I'm out, I think I'll... oh, hell, I don't know what. Maybe I'll stop at the gym or go for a walk or something to get my blood moving.