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I have a new job.

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I have a new job and I been working there for a bit now, just never updated about it.

I just started working for a talent agency in Beverly Hills and I absolutely love it! In fact, tomorrow was supposed to be my day off, but someone wasnt able to make it tomorrow, and I got a call, asking if I would come in tomorrow. They told me I had a choice and they said they would totally understand if I just want a day off!

I replied, "No! I'll take the extra day! When do you want me to come and how long can I stay?"
So tomorrow I agreed to stay just a little longer than usual, and I'm super excited.

Even though the day before yesterday, everyone was bitchy at work I still enjoyed myself! Everyone is kind of stressed out right now about the possibility of actors going on strike, and then we find out that Ugly Betty is moving to New York.

The main guy who is the main agent also had a bad time with a client and casting director and that was so scary! I have never heard anyone literally yell at a phone and tell someone off so bad.
One of our clients was dropped from the agency which I felt really bad for him, but he deserved it. I feel bad because, with the SAG strike being a possibility, agencies, like us are not accepting anyone until after June. That's if the contract renewals come to a compromise, so he's out of work for a while!

The writers strike was a bitch and we're still feeling the effects! We don't need another strike! I would be unemployed too! :(

Some of the actors that come in are soo gorgeous! This one client came into the office and I was like hey, I recognize him, and he came up to me and introduced him self, but I already knew who he was. He was so nice and very down to earth.

In front a lot of our clients I act very confident and laid back, but deep down inside I'm hiding my shyness or over excitement! lol. I think i'll get used to it soon!

Also, I can't wait till next summer or so, because I have this one favorite movie that came out this summer.. and well, I was copying down some information on a clients next job and when I got to the title of the project.. I was like, "OMG no way, I LOVED this movie, I had no idea there was a part 2 coming out!" some people already knew, but its still not good to say. But you can probably guess it anyways.

Also, my boss I'm sure is gay. he's absolutely hilarious though! I enjoy working with, he makes my day go by with ease, even though he gets upset sometimes.

I was doing some work on his desk and he started singing, "Xanadu" I was like, "come on now! None of that!" .. I really hate that song, and I don't like Olivia Newton John, and let him know! He was horrified and was like, OMG! haha, that pretty much confirmed everything.

But I have applied to a new agency, just because I want to work at two of them at once. However this one is also a modeling agency and so I hope to learn a lot about that industry, because I have not dealt too much with it.

At anyrate, I'm excited for no day off tomorrow!! :D