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Ultra Low rise

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I went out last night, and when I got to my closet I remembered I had procrastinated all week on laundry so I was down to a very small selection of what to wear. I then noticed there was a new pair of pants, with tags and all I had not ever worn! I was like these are really nice, I wonder why I havent worn them. They were some nice Abercrombies.

Well, I was in a hurry and got dressed quickly, and seeing that those jeans were the only option really, I decided to put them on! Once I had them on I thought to myself, "These feel odd" and quickly took them off to look at the size. Well, they were the my size, but then I noticed the fit was Ultra Low rise! Well, I was like, well they don't seem too bad, and I wasn't too concerned at that moment to find something new, because I was in a hurry, and I never wear underwear really, so I didn't even think to put any on and left to the club right away. My shirt was just long enough to cover well below the jeans, but if I lifted up my arms, you can see quite a long trail!

Once at the club I realized how low these jeans were! I was so scared my junk was going to fall or slip out!! My junk was right below the seam of the jeans the entire night, and even though I was sitting down at a table with some guys the entire night, I still felt uncomfortable.

Anyways, the guy I was there talking with is the one I have a major crush on now. He and I talked all night and what I really like is how he talks! His sentences are very complex and structured so well, with an extensive vocabulary. Everything he says makes perfect sense and his diction is just always perfect for what he's talking about. Not to mention he looks like John Stamos! :D We had a nice night together though, and he's a very sweet and intelligent guy! He gave me a kiss at the end of the night! I felt so stupid driving home with a big grin on my face that I couldnt get rid of! haha

oh yeah, any of you west hollywood people did you notice last night that movie that was being shot on the middle of santa monica and san vicente? that pissed me off!! It was so effing bright!! The lights were like football field lights shinning directly to the street and I was so scared I was going to wreck because it hurt my eyes so bad!!!