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Monday morning

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Most of April I have been traveling and i just realized it. It's already almost over and I thought it just began. wtf? At any rate, I have realized I'm starting to come to terms with Hollywood. Through most of my time here I have battled in the back of my head between what I like more; Texas or California. I basically grew up in both of them, so I've known what each one was like since I was a baby basically.

It's just that, I was born in Texas and I've spent more time in Texas. I'm a Texan at heart and Texas will always be home. I have talked to others who are in Texas right now and who have lived in Texas and everyone is still a die hard Texan fan. I have noticed that a lot of Texans show lots of Texan pride and boast it more than anyone else from any other state. It's kind of weird, but I really like it.

However, my networking system is now huge. I have a ton of friends, I work here, and this is where I now live. right now, I'm stuck here and it's the only place that I can probably work for now.

I was out with some friends saturday night at one of my buddies house and we were having a good time while over looking all of Hollywood, and I thought to myself, "Wow, so many people have dreams to live here and work here, and I'm one of the lucky few that is actually doing it." Living the Hollywood lifestyle give you a big sense of pride too, so at that moment I was really enjoying myself and I began to realize I am beginning to have even more pride in myself here and that I can be away from Texas even longer with out any withdrawals. haha

Tonight.. It was amazing! I went out to a bar with some friends. I met up with another dude, and we went club hopping for about an hour and half thats it, and then came back to the bar we started at. There was this really creepy guy though that was really hitting on me hard and was being pushy! There were two, and then another that was a lil on the edge, but I'm still trying to get used random dudes just coming up to me and hitting on me really bluntly.

However, there was this one guy who I just recently met, and he's gorgeous! He looks like Rob Lowe meets John Stamos I guess. He's freakin HOT!! Him and I went to the back of the bar where some people go out to smoke and we just sat back there for about 2 and half hours just talking. Talking about nothing really, for most of the time, but we hit it off really well! We ended the night with a Kiss and so that was a huge score for me! I was soo excited! I still am! One of the bouncers there was really cute, and we kind of flirted for a while, both of these guys were really hot! I can't wait to hang out with them more!