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Step one

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I finally got to the doctor yesterday, and had a good long talk with her about my depression. We discussed all my symptoms, how long I've had them, and how it compared to my last bout thirteen years back. (Pretty much the same, except back then I got hardly any sleep at all, and now I'm getting more sleep than normal.) We talked about therapy, but both of us agreed that it didn't sound like this was a situation where therapy would be that helpful. After all, I actually DO still like my life, my partner, my job, everything - yes, I have problems with them, but I think I'm handling them well. It's just my brain keeps going off track.

We discussed the various drug treatments available. She felt that since I was bouncing between shortish periods of depression with longer ones where I didn't feel depressed, that this probably wasn't a full-blown case of depression. She therefore suggested one of the more mild anti-depressants available. I was originally a bit reluctant to go on medication - not sure why - but this time it sounded like a good idea, so I decided to give it a go.

As usual, there are side effects. Fortunately, sexual dysfunction isn't one of them, so with any luck, the gargoyle will be just as horny as ever. (Line forms to the left, people.) After only two doses, I'm already feeling at least one of the side effects - a bit of an odd "disconnected" feeling soon after taking it. Supposedly, that will pass once my body gets used to it.

I'll be on these things for about four weeks, at which point we'll see how things are going. If things look good, I'm supposed to stay on them for AT LEAST nine months - ending sooner can cause a crash of epic proportions, and trust me, don't want that. :) But with any luck, the gargoyle's on the road to recovery. ..|