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It's been several days since I been on this site. I've spent most of my two weeks driving all over the place. I just got back from Northern California late last night. I had to wake up super early today and I was not happy about it.
So far I have not done much though. I had voice lessons all morning though, and then after that I was up at the gym for a long while. I am not just super tired and I don't even wanna go out and do anything. i wasted all my energy at the gym, and my voice was so tired that I didn't feel like talking to anyone all day.

I have a migraine now, but I'll be alright. I'm going to bed really early today so I can sleep alot and wake up really early again tomorrow.. have a morning full of voice lessons, then I'm driving back to northern california. The drive up there will be good for my voice. No talking for several hours! Just what I need after a long session.

Theres alot more i was going to say but my head is hurting too much, I'm going to bed!