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"Gym - Locker rooms" - How To?

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So here we go....

I woke up very early this morning, because of tooth pain, that doesn't seem to wanna go away!

Anyway, after half a day in the house, i though i'd go to the gym, release some energy, and you know.... have a 'look' !

The amazing thing about my gym, is that all the bikes and many of the machines, are in front of these great windows, that overlook on the pool, where you can see these men just swimming on and on and on! :)

Anyway, so i get there, and as i was quite late, considering it was closing an hour later, i get in the locker rooms, to get changed. There is a guy there, also getting ready to hit the gym, who is kinda talking/singing to himself....

In my hurry, i hardly even notice him.... and run out the doors... ;)

So i start with my usual bike ride... whilst my immagination runs wild about all those men down there swimming away. I always try to find the hairiest of the bunch, or the bulkiest, to follow up and down.... It's just plain FUN! ;) And my immagination runs wild! :)

So anyway... i keep on going, doing these exercises my trainer has prepared for me, which, let me tell you, if i was a woman..... I'D STILL BE EMBARASSED DOING THEM! Anyway, they are good for my back... so i'll stop moaning! ;)

Well, this guy comes in.... and i recognize the shorts i saw that man putting on in the locker room! So whilst i try to hide my face cause i am sooo embarassed doing this specific exercise, i kinda look his way.... and i notice him looking my way....

I act as if nothing happened, with that ''DON'T JUDGE ME BY MY EXERCISE" look..... and i just keep on going. Though he has not gone un-noticed.... He is wearing these very short shorts, and a simple t-shirt. He get's down on the mat, and starts doing this intricate thing, where he has one knee bent, and the other leg is moving up and down (i don't know if this paints the picture.....), fact is, that the very short shorts are now moving up his leg, and every time he gets his leg up, I get a tiny wink from his right testicle!

You can immagine how i am now VERY interested in this man's workout!

Not to get busted, i keep on going, and he does to. I am now doing pull ups, and he is in the far corner, talking to some people, and i am just looking at him... thinking how good he actually looks! Man! This older guy, with a nice goatee, heavily muscled arms and legs, and these shoulders that seem to never end!

To speed up my drooling fase, i get to the weight lifting part of my program. And there he is, talking to another guy, who i have seen around before. Let me tell you, muscles are starting to have a very interesting effect on me! And watching these two guys next to each other talking, man..... i thought i was in heaven!

I put down my towel, and start removing some weights that are on the bar.... when He comes up behind me, gently touches me and asks me if i mind if he finishes his last round there before i take off the weights....

Oh man.... i was taken so by surprise, that i almost chocked! I say of course, and let him go first.....

I stand nearby, and watch him..... i now have to start thinking about ..... anything bad really, so that i don't get an erection just from looking at him go!!!!!

Anyway.... he finishes, and i make a fool of myself trying to remove these 4 x 20 KG weights off the bar!!! I mean!!!! I hardly weigh 60 Kg!!!!! I do my exercises, finish off, trying to remove the idea of this man from my head..... Indeed, i don't see him anymore, so i guess he has left.

I get into the showers, exhausted, and in need of a cold shower! Just as i walk in, guess who is in there, just taking off his boxer shorts!!!!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: Ohhh yes... it's Him!

He doesn't even look up, so i have a good 5 seconds to drool whilst i supposedly take my stuff out of the locker!!! Let me tell you .... i had immagined him naked... but the real thing SHOCKED me!

He has this amazing body, very hairy but cropped, and nicely muscled! He also is probably the first man in here (other than me) that has his pubes cropped.... I think this day can't go better!!! And i undress, trying to place the towel over my 'rising' hard on! He walks towards the showers naked, holding his towel, giving me an amazing view of his back and ass. So perfectly shaped, i am now starting to envy him!

I get towards the showers, thinking he'll have gone to the last one down. And i am surprised once again! He is in the first one, with his front towards me, just soaping up his dick!!!!

Honestly, i thought i'd shoot right there and then! Fortunately, i managed to say to myself 'down boy! down!' though it's not very easy by now. I give him a polite smile, taking off my towel, and entering the shower next to him, keeping my back to him, who has now almost come out of the booth, and is looking at me!!!! As soon as i walk in, he asks me ''how the hell do you manage to stay so thin"!!!!

Ohhh my...... i can feel my dick giving a first kick.... so i try to keep eye contact, so that i don't get excited there in front of him!

Let me tell you, that was hard! He has these amazing blue eyes, and though i tried to focus on them, i could not help noticing how he was still soaping his chest and dick whilst talking to me! As if that wasn't enough, his eyes would move down every once in a while..... and i felt 'checked out'!!!! I am not sure if it was the fact that i too have very short pubes, or the fact that my dick was kinda 'pointy' by now, or the simple fact that as Humans, we are curious! But let me tell you, it was nice!

Now.... don't get weird ideas.... NO... we did not do it in the showers!!! (though i would have loooooved it!) So sorry if you expected it to go that way! He was just talking to me about how he is 53, and wants to loose some weight, and how he only lost weight when he had a mistress, cause of all the sex!!! Things like that!

Ok, i understand that it was just talk, but hey! I am in PAIN here!!! I would sooooo get on my knees for him! I'd tie him to a bed, till he lost his brains in combination with the weight!!!! How could he talk to me about sex whilst we are both naked under a shower!

He then leaves, again naked, giving me another look of his back side!

I just had to stay a little longer under the shower.... i was soooo fired up!

As if all this wasn't enough. I get out of the shower, and he is there in front of me again, with a blow drier, drying his chest hair and his dick!!!! I get to my bag, and start drying myself with my towel, when he crosses behind me, NAKED, touching my ass with his side!!!! Fortunately i have my boxer shorts at hand, and put them on instantly..... I see him in the corner next to me, putting on his boxers, tugging away his dick, and putting on his pants. Then his shirt, and to finish off, his jacket! Man!!! He was getting out in a 'suit'!!!

Now some people may find that normal. But i just LOOOOOOOVEEE men in suits! So imagine how this felt! He then left, saying goodbye... and giving me a little smile! ;)

Ok now, i know i am acting like a little girl who just saw Justin Timberlake (or sorts)..... but really!?!?!? How should i act!!!!

I was sooo horny when i got home, that i had to re-live the moment by posting it here.... I am sooo in need of a wank right now!!!

Anyway, the whole point of this amazingly long blog today, was to ask Jubbers all around for an opinion on HOW TO STAY 'FLACID' in a room full of naked guys, like the locker rooms? Or in a situation like this!

I find myself "not as flacid as i can be" when in a locker room! I wouldn't say 'semi hard' .... but almost!

So... what do you do when you absolutely need to keep a 'straight' face? Or in this case.... a 'flacid dick' ?

Thank you guys for reading this.....

I would appreciate your opinions! ;)