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Loving my Man

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by , March 14th, 2008 at 02:06 AM (524 Views)
Lately my man and I have both been sick and life is not the bed of roses it never will be. He has chronic fatigue and I have various heart issues. For me though I have been battling a flu for over a month and I get very tired.

We have been dancing around each other and he is tired and finding work difficult. I am just tired. Well work is tiring too even though I am now only three days part time.

We are such different people and this all seems to come out at these sorts of times. He irritates me and I'm sure I irritate him.

But I'm missing him right now. He is up in Darwin and has been doing shopping for us. I'm not sure whether he is still doing the shopping or heading back. The weather is stormy this evening with lots of thunder. The rain has been light here but I'm not sure if he will encounter tropical downpours along the highway. I will be much happier when he is home.

The day is over. I am home from work wanting to chill with him. My second glass of wine is half gone and I am blogging.
Come home safe to me my sweet man!