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"The Cake Is a Lie"

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"The Cake Is a Lie"

A visual quote from the portal video game about a girl being lead through maze, promised cake upon completion. Actually the cake is a lie and she faces death upon completion.

I just love the quote, its cute but sinister at the same time, plus you can relate it to a whole heap of other junk too.

"Love Is a Lie"

Would be my interpretation, life of course being the 'maze'. You live your life, doing certain challenges in the hope of finding someone to spend the rest of your life with, to work through the challenges together. When you've never felt love for another human being outside your family it can be hard to think that maybe it exists. You see everyone out their happy and in love and it can be easy to think "that is a lie"

I know more people who have fallen into relationships than I know single people. I don't know why I place so much emphasis on it though, I mean I "dont need another half to make me whole" but at the same time, I've spent 21 years alone... well there was that 6 month blip where I was actually a 'couple' with someone but that didn't last. I just want somebody to love and somebody to love me.

Love is not a lie, love being easy clearly is.