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That was silly.

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by , February 11th, 2008 at 04:57 PM (496 Views)
Okay I donít know if any one actually really reads this or cares about it, but it helps me to just get it out there, without the pain of annoying people with a thread.

So this guy I met online, well I invited him out for a drink so he questioned in what capacity I meant. I said something along the lines of "I like you yada yada yada, maybe more than a friend blah blah" And I think the word date got thrown in for good measure. Hehe, I'm stupid. I think I might have scared him off, he was kinda flattered but now the posts have stopped. I didn't even get a happy birthday post, which really hurt.

I think I've got my answer. Okay so I know you donít have to talk to someone EVERY DAY! But one message to say happy birthday, even from a friend that isn't much to ask.

Tsk Tsk, oh well, life goes on, just another example of me crushing on someone only to get hurt.

On a lighter note my lil cousin had her baby this afternoon, on my birthday. I feel a bit lets down which is selfish, but I canít compete with my grandparentsí first great grandchild. Although typical for my grandmother, she was there for the babyís birth, I went to pick her up and one of the nurses said ďoh, you must be the grandson whoís birthday it is, thatís a bit special isnít itĒ so I know I was being spoken about hehe!

See life goes on.