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How Do You Know?

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by , February 2nd, 2008 at 03:46 PM (525 Views)
How do you know if someone likes you if you have only ever spoken to them through a stupid social networking site?

I think I'm falling for this guy I met through a social site, we both have the same views on life, love and sexuality although other than that we have quite different intrests. Hes more music and fitness, I'm more art and video games.

Anyway thats not the point, is there anyway to know how he feels. We message each other allot, well once a day kinda, but its posts that are over an A4 size sheet.

I wanna ask him out, but I dunno if what I think could turn into a relationship he thinks is just a developing friendship.

Do I just say "hey, where is this going?" and watch him run for the hills or wait for him to ask me that.

He lives near me so meeting up is a real possibility... Ugh why cant it be easy to find a relationship.