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Nifty tricks for JUB

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by , January 28th, 2008 at 07:53 AM (1224 Views)
One good thing about JUB is that you don't need to be tech-savy at all to use it. But once you wish to use more and more features you slowly advance your skills on your own and learn new things - like quoting, including images in your posts, customizing your signature and so on. Those are all things that you learn or wish to learn because you saw someone else using the feature.
But you hardly ever look someone over the shoulder while he is using JUB, so you don't see HOW someone uses JUB - just the results of it.
Here are some nifty little tricks that might ease your JUB experience. Maybe you know them, maybe you know some of them but for others everything might be new.

Quick Preview of a thread

We all know that - you click on the "New Posts" Button, and realize that while you were asleep - JUB certainly was not. Pages and pages of new and updated threads. Without reading a thread there is only the headline to know what it is about. Or if you already know the thread - the only indication for what might be new in the thread is that you can see who posted last. But there is also another way to learn a bit more about a thread. Place your mouse-pointer over the threads headline and wait a few seconds. A tool tip will pop-up and show you the first few words of the latest reply :)


Only works after doing a search (or clicking "New Posts") or in the thread-overview of the individual forums.

Collapsing forums

Not intersested in meet ups? Or just don't care about the prn forums? There is quite a number of different JUB forums, especially after the recent overhaul. It easy to loose track of the forums that you really care for. It helps a lot to just remove the forums that you don't read, anyway. At the right side of every forum category there is small arrow symbol which will collapse the whole forum category into a single line - making more screen-space for the other forums. This setting is saved - so the next time you return to JUB you won't see the other forums anymore.


Of course you can expand all collapsed forum at any time again.

Who posted?

I have to admit that this in my humble opinion isn't really a 'useful' feature - however in a recent thread many people were suprised that this feature exists and they haven't seen it before.
When you are looking at a [search result] there is a column which shows the number of posts in this particular thread. If you click on this number you will get a synopsis/breakdown of who posted how often in that thread.