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Full House

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by , December 8th, 2007 at 01:36 PM (504 Views)
The house was full last night, ten came back from the community quiz night in our little town for nightcaps and chat. I crashed before the witching hour and woke a couple of hours later to find that my partner was still up earnestly chatting to the straight and maritally separated plumber. This morning I woke at first light to find we had five sleep-over guests. A couple of gay guys in our second bedroom, my partnerís daughter and her ex-boyfriend on a mattress on the living room floor and the plumber on a swag on another part of the living room floor. I think the plans are that we will be ten again for breakfast when our other gay friends wander across from their house with their lesbian house guest.

And in the cool of our tropical morning I sit here, first morning cup of tea almost consumed, the plumber and I the only ones out of bed, thinking , Ďisnít gay life grandí.