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Called to Ecstasy

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by , December 7th, 2007 at 02:51 PM (491 Views)
I read something last night that stuck with me, rang bells and all those metaphors. The statement made was 'We are all called to ecstasy'. And my response was: Yes!

The ecstasy of letting go to the moment is something we all seek in orgasm or spiritual highs or drugs or food or the total dropping of inhibition that can be found in dancing or involvement in the arts, walking on beaches or mountains or in many a varied ways.

These fleeting moments are anticipated planned for and contemplated until they return again.

I have heard it taught that the easy road is the road to destruction but the narrow road is the route to heaven. Letting go is, however, both the easy and the narrow way. The utter simplicity of letting go is often the most difficult thing to do. Hence the devices we invent to help us simply let go .. .drugs, parties or whatever. Most of these methods have their risks, sex included, but that is another subject.

When approaching your next orgasm dear reader welcome it, embrace it and just let go. If you can do that then maybe in the afterglow you may contemplate your brush with the divine and bring that with you through the journey to the next fall into ecstasy.