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WTF?! disappear b****

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First of!

I've been dealing with a situation for awhile now. Without going into too many details it involved my uncle and some things that happened to me when i was a kid. Whether it affected me being gay or not, i don't know. Never really got to find that out. That happened for the longest time til i finally came to the conclusion...hey this shit is mad wrong and i'm not with this crap anymore. I'm gonna just fast forward to today and i'm chilling playing a game or something. I'm over chilling at my peoples place. My folks call me and say someone's here to see you.

I'm like who the hell is bothering me i'm trying to chill. So i get dressed (complaining all the while). I start walking downstairs and lo and behold. Who the hell is at the bottom of the stairs? The very same MF that put me through all this bullshit in the past..wanting to reconnect with the fam and all this stuff. He talks to my folks for awhile and then comes upstairs.

Starts chatting me up and all that and this. He's then like give me a kiss. I'm looking at dude "excuse me"[-X i dont think so. Why not? For one because i'm with someone else and his response so am i. Then i'm like because i dont want that and put my hands in between me and him. I'm sitting here now thinking why the f*** didnt i just blast this dude in the face right when he walked in the door. :grrr: :jab:

I shouldnt even have let that dude get anywhere close to me. Its f'd up because i'm sitting there the whole time trying to be nice instead of saying whats really up. Which is "next time you see me dont talk to me, dont look at me nor even breath anywhere close to me you f'in loser ass b****"

I'm good now i've talked with my BF about it and everything. Had to let him know what was up and he was ready to go to war. I know what i gotta do in the future...just wanted to rant for a bit...|