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To: NaughtyLiar, Thanks for Everything! (You Ass!)

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It has come to my attention that the continuous lie and filth that was infecting the forums and chat of this site like a dirty parasite has finally come to surface. I find no greater time then now to share with you all the lies, deceit, and scandal that I was put through because of this person (I won't name him, because he knows who he is).

Now, I'm not saying that what I'm about to tell you is anything new. I'm sure there are hundreds of sick and twisted individuals out there who have no problem hiding behind their computers and putting on a mask, making fools out of themselves and the ones online they call their "friends"...or...In this person's case....his "boyfriends" who he hunts and reels in within a single day. You sir, are an online predator!

Now...I will apologize for the length of this entry in advance, but I have quite the opinion on this and I am going to share ever single last grimy detail. Because I'm a bitch. :-)

It all started with a common interest in music. I, being the obsessed Lil' Kimaholic that I am, had a connection with this person, who from this point on I shall call "Trifflin' Assclown."

I found myself engaging in deep and serious conversations with this person. While his flavor was a little too fruity for my tastes, his charm and seemingly good-hearted nature made me look past that. there was the fact that the pics he showed me of "him" were sex on film. He was apparently a former stripper.

I think the greatest reason why I let myself get so involved with such silliness, was mostly because he paid me such great compliments. And I, being the conceited self absorbed lunatic that I am, just couldn't say no to such a good thing. (I'll take a moment to let you all send me PMs regarding my looks and/or personality).

Well, this is the timeline of my online fling with Trifflin' Assclown.

Its in point form and straight to the point because...this is long enough as it is.

Day 1. Become close friends...share interest in Lil' Kim music.

Day 2. Says he's going to break up with his "boyfriend" for me, say HE LOVES ME. [-X

Day 3. Decides to call me his boyfriend. Continues showering me with endless compliments (and I like it).

Day 4. Stupid me somehow ends up talking on the phone with him....BIG MISTAKE. The turd who had so much confidence online all of a sudden is lost for words over the phone. I hang up on the bitch. BYE!

Day 5. Some friends tell me to get some sense knocked into me and not believe this guy is who he says he is. (Thanks JJ!)

Day 6. Biggie uses his great powers of pursuasion to get Trifflin Assclown to tell him the truth about his pics......WAIT!.......HOLD THE PHONE!

Okay....this is where things get ugly. So....I convinced him to show me the real him. Because what he was selling, I was no longer buying. To my surprise....he is no sex god. He isn't even a luke warm back stage porn fluffer. No...he's just a run of the mill, overly depressed, overweight, lying shithead. I have pics for proof, but out of respect for Trifflin' Assclown's wishes, I will not post them.

The worst part was, after the big lie was exposed, he continued to lie to try and make things seem better.

"I swear those pics are me!"
"Okay, but I swear I looked like that once!"
"Well, I don't have any pics!"
"Okay, well...I have one...but it was from a few years ago and I was kind of chunky"

](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

There is no physical way that you can go from being morbidly obese to super skinny to muscular god to morbidly obese in 2 years. I may not be a rocket scientist yet, but I, sir, am no dummy!

After he exposed himself, I got a little mad, but tried to keep my composure. After all...I AM classy.

I told him I would no longer be able to speak to him because I was made a fool of. My emotions were played with and my feelings were hurt and this was the point where I was threatened to either keep talking to him, or he would be "pushed over the edge" and be forced to commit suicide.

EXCUSE ME!? :eek:

Noooo I ain't havin' that!

I advised him to take down the fake pics he stole off a porn site that he was claiming to be his own self. I also told him to go get help, because it was clear that lying was his disease and his mind was not right.

So....that was basically how it all went down. There is further events after this that took place, however, it is not nearly as scandalous which means its just boring.

I'm writing this blog because I was hurt by what was done to me. I was lied to, I was scammed, I was cheated, I was cyber-raped, I was mentally fucked with. Knowing now that this has happened to others, I can only say that I hope he has found peace within his sad, sorry, little mind and gotten help.

I know how it feels to have low self esteem. I can understand creating an alias to feel accepted. However You had no right to try and make attachments, regardless of how seriously you may take it, with other people. Online or not, feelings can still be hurt and people can still be manipulated.

Shame on me for falling for your games so easily. Shame on you for fucking with the emotions and minds of others.

I truly do hope you get help, you're not only doing others harm by giving them a false sense of friendship, but you're also doing yourself harm knowing that no matter how much you lie and steal and deceive, the person you are pretending to be will never be who you are. So let me end this with asking you this:

What was the point?