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I'm unfit - official

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Ok, so at work it was decided we all had to have a fitness check. This involed an interview with a doctor plus blood tests, weight etc. We all went through it and then were given results in an envelope, a bit like getting exam results. We were graded: 1 - super fit, 2 - fit, 3 - OK but watch out, 4 - unfit, 5 - very unfit and 6 - are you sure your still alive?
Well I came in at . . . . . 4, unfit, ouch!! But I have to say not surprizing really.
I was listed as an overweight (though only slightly) heavy smoker, who drinks too much, lives off junk food and avoids exercise at all costs!! So what did I expect?
On a positive note my blood pressure and cholesterol were OK.
So what am I doing about it? To be honest, not a lot so far. Still smoking over a packet a day. Had a pizza tonight washed down with a couple of beers. As for exercise, well a good wank is better than nothing!