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Dick Wolf Garage Sale

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Former Hot House exclusive, Dick Wolf is having a garage sale - except without a garage.

Dick Wolf wants to unload some of his old fetish outfits cause after a while, every outfit gets tired. Plus, he's dropping a load (so to speak) of his personal porn memorablia. Attention collectors and stalkers! Here's a chance to own a piece of a porn star! Dick Wolf's tighty-whities from "Perfect Fit", posters, autographed DVD's, 8x10 glossies from Folsom Fair 2004, and a bunch of wacky fetish wear, plus this entire package:

"First up is the COMPLETE SKUFF II collector's set: You get my favorite rubber chaps, the actual doggy tail buttplug from the shoot, my old chain collar and leash, a signed copy of the "Skuff II "2-disc set AND my giant sized mounted poster of me with the chain in my mouth from a HotHouse booth at Folsom Street Fair."

Rather than put the stuff on Ebay, or lay it on a blanket out on the sidewalk, Dick Wolf created a page on his new website - ( ).

Sounds like he's starting a business venture with this new site called ( Gravity Faggot, described as "Comics Music Clothing - Global Faggot Counterculture - The Future of Gay". Apparently the "future of gay" is shopping, but we knew that already.

In the past, I've teased Dick Wolf about ( ) putting on a few pounds after retiring from gay porn, but I think he's looking totally hot these days! Add your comments below.

Dick Wolf Garage Sale Items: ( )

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