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The one thing (bout me)

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Just wanted to tell folks a bit more about myself. Been in my current position for almost 17 years now only 3 years left to retirement which would make me bout 38. I'll be glad when that's done cause the military isnt what it used to be at all for real. I've been in the Hampton VA area for most of my life. I love it here with my folks and all hoping to make a few more friends that i can hang out with just have a great time being me.

What i like hmmmm: Dancing (with a passion), Music (most kinds-rap, r/b, pop, dance, techno, soundtrack, country, alternative, rock and pretty much anything else out there cept maybe, Shopping for real, Video gaming (please i have all the systems cept for the Wii which i'm trying to find), Movies-good grief don't get me started i have soooooo many of them i can't even begin to count. Like surfing the net as well otherwise i wouldnt be here right? Sex well i do love it even thought its been a bit that hasn't change my drive for it. Hopefully once i meet that person i wanna be with it will all about love making because that is what i want to have. Sex is good and everything but there is nothing quite like good ole fashioned love making.

That's me in a nutshell look forward to chatting with and seeing folks around here, god bless and many kisses. :)