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Raging Stallion Invents Way To Make Condoms Invisible in Movies.

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by , January 5th, 2007 at 09:33 PM (651 Views)
Hey Guys--

One of my jobs as an erotic artist is to find ways to make sex on film sexy. Every day at Raging Stallion we are bombarded with customers demanding bareback movies, something that we do not produce. On, our retail store, we carry movies from all studios, including bareback companies.

These movies sell like hot cakes. The problem is that we at Raging Stallion are not comfortable producing these kind of movies. As a leading company in the adult industry, we feel that we have a responsibility to have a safe work environment for our actors.

In the past I used to argue that showing bareback sex educated viewers to practice unsafe sex. Today, however, this argument does not hold up. Viewers seeking bareback movies can buy them from more than a dozen bareback companies and from studios who have large libraries of pre-condom classics.

Today my reason for not producing bareback movies is simple and precise--as a director and company owner, I cannot have a potentially unsafe work environment on my sets. I am not willing to ask actors to have unprotected sex while under my direction.

So we have come up with a solution that, I think, may change the industry as we know it.

Over the past year I have undertaken a huge (and secret) research and development project aimed at filming safe sex so that the viewer cannot see the condoms. In short, the condoms are still on the dick but not in the viewer's face.

Just as Hollywood studios can remove street signs or unwanted images from their movies, Raging Stallion now has the capability of making condoms barely visible in most cases.

You will soon see scenes from us that have what looks more and more like condomless fucking. We will be including footage on special features of the discs that prove that condoms are being used. And a viewer with an large HD screen TV will still be able to see the condom on close up or freeze frame.

Our new invisible condom technology does not work in every scene--skin color, lighting environment, temperature, humidity levels, hardness of the hard on, etc. are all factors that play into how visible the new condoms are.

Since a huge amount of post-production time is also used to make condoms invisible, we do not always have time on every movie to remove all condoms. In some scenes you will see condoms in some shots, but not in others.

Going forward Raging Stallion is going to make condoms as inconspicuous as possible as a way of making the hottest erotic images possible.

And guess what--this kind of safe sex is hotter! Everyone in our studio who has seen these new scenes is going crazy!

In both of the photos here (from my recent shoot for Mirage) the condoms are nearly invisible even though they are in full view. Check them out and see if you can see them.

I am proud to announce this new way of making films--it goes to show that Raging Stallion really is THE industry leader in the creation of excellent, safe, and sexy gay erotica!

Chris Ward