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Christmas jerk away

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by , December 27th, 2006 at 09:22 AM (613 Views)
Christmas Day for me comprised opening presents at home with a friend who'd stayed over. Then picking my mum up and travelling together to my Aunt's house near Carlisle.
The problem with these types of occasions is being thrown together with a bunch of relatives you only see once a year (if that) and not always able to be yourself.
Would there be tuts of disapproval as I made my regular trips to the garden for a cigarette? And would I be able to jack my dick off without being noticed?

The smoking one was not a problem as it turned out as my cousin Daniel, who I hadn't seen for over five years, smoked even more than me so at least I had a garden companion.
As for having a good wank, I was concerned that I might have to abstain until I got home the following day. Reasons: the bathroom (only one) was always busy, I'd been told I was sharing a room with my Uncle Peter. The room in question just big enough to fit two single beds in. I'd been allocated the one farthest from the door which meant I would almost have to climb over my uncle to get out. The reason for this was my Uncle, who is 76, needs to make make regular bathrooms visits in the night!!

Ever the optimist, especially when it comes to jerking off, as we all retired to bed, I made sure my overnight bag with a good supply of tissues was placed within easy reach of my bed.

When I came in from my late night cig, my Uncle was already asleep. I switched the light out, crept around his bed and shuffled out of my clothes. Naked, I climbed into bed. I kept a pair of shorts next to me in case I needed to cover myself quickly.

As I settled down in the bed, I warmed through and could feel my cock growing. The thought of a possible jacking session was enough to make me hard. I started to stroke my dick slowly. My uncle shuffled about and began to snore loudly. This, I decided, could be an advantage, as he was making far more more noise than me pulling my dick would. I made a tent with one hand, gripped my dick more firmly and began a more rhythmic stroking. I had to keep slowing a little to stop the bed creaking, but the pleasure remained intense. The turn on of being in a bed next to my Uncle made me feel even more roused. I could feel a rush of pleasure fill me as a jet of cum shot out landing just below my belly button.

I squeezed the remaining cum out and then, maintaining the tent, carefully grabbed some tissues at my side and quietly cleaned up. Fortunately my Uncle's snoring easily drowned out any sound. I felt relaxed and sleepy and despite my uncles grunts fell asleep.

I awoke about three hours later, my dick was rock hard, time for another good stroke. I also jacked off in the shower in the morning, so three sessions wasn't bad!

My uncle apologised for his snoring. I wanted to thank him, but I didn't!