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Serious stroking

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by , November 28th, 2006 at 01:28 PM (671 Views)
Just the other night my boss rang me at home. This is not something he does very often, but he wanted to check on some orders I'd taken. Nothing very interesting about that you might say. Except, when he rang I was sat at my computer naked. My cock was erect and my hand was wrapped around my prick. Masturbating in this state after work is a pleasure I enjoy more nights than not. But there I was stroking my dick having this serious work conversation.
The deeper we got into this order I took the more I enjoyed pulling my cock and that faster I rubbed. When, after half an hour the conversation ended and the boss asked: "So what you up to tonight?" I replied truthfully: "Oh just relaxing". Within seconds of putting down the phone I felt my cock swell and was overcome with pleasure as I fired off a great wad of cum. I hope my boss rings me more often!