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the cute bi guy *blush*

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ok since i moved here theres been this guy that i have sort of befriended... if not a little more... we sorta met then he friended me on myspace(yeah i know i know) then we went to a concert then a couple weeks later we went and saw a movie...
well yesterday he msged me and started a simple conversation with me... and well i wanted to see him again so i invited to a halloween party i was going to go to...
he said he would think about it... then we talked some more... then he said he didn't want to go to the party but would like to hang out... so i of course said sure... and well after a bit more of talkin he asked if he could ask me an odd question... i prefering bluntness to subtlty... of course said sure since it is rather hard to insult me... so he went on to ask... "will you be uncomfortable if I, you know, start getting horny? because it's possible that that could happen..." to which i said "what at the party" ... and he answered "well, the next time I see you..."

this struck me as odd... quite odd really..... though it did make me blush !oops!