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Salty Wet

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by , October 22nd, 2006 at 07:59 AM (470 Views)
The Chinese word for horny apparently means "Salty Wet."

So I've met someone - a fascinating guy with big blue eyes. He's only 5'5" but he's beautiful. He likes to talk sadly about his old girlfriend (yes, a straight rebound) and because he's new to the city, he's never had seafood before. I took him out for Japanese and watched in horror as he ate shrimps, tails and all.

He is sweet and he's like a big puppy.

But there are other things weighing on my mind this past month. I feel like a slug. and I'm pissed at Ms. Fag Hag as she's now preparing to leave LA by the end of November. I'm trying hard to be civil but she's so full of self-righteous shit, it's impossible not to take her out in a verbal slap down.

Sure, LA is a tough town, but she is so lazy - how lazy is she? - she only works 4 days a week (by her own choice) but bitches that she doesn't have enough money. When I suggested she work on Fridays (which she wanted off to go back to school), she said, no, that's her sleep in time.

When I asked her about finishing school, she said, no, work is too busy.

She lies to me (and exposes her lies with her blogs) and just seems to think that she's above it all - like some battered angel leaving "Hell-A" as she calls it.

Arrrgh. And my ex had a movie out on Friday. Just to hear his voice makes me violently ill. Wish him dead times 3 million. Where are all the voodoo dolls?