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Self Pleasure Naivety

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by , September 24th, 2006 at 02:20 PM (606 Views)
So my friend told me about self pleasuring. I tried it and discovered it. But it was after about a month when I first came. Now that was one hell of a scary moment. For the first time a stream of creamy liquid was flowing out of the end of my penis and I couldn't stop it. I wasn't prepared for it, no tissues, no socks ready to catch the flowing semen. I cupped my hand and allowed to flow into into it. Luckily a flow was all it was. Nothing airborne about it at this stage.

After this I was nervous about wacking my dick off again. I can distinctly remember looking up masturbation in an old dictionary of my mother's. The definition contained just two words: "self abuse"! "What the fuck have I done?" were my first thoughts, and I vowed never to do it again.

I didn't do it again for nearly a week and then my camping friend, John, came round. I didn't mention the subject, but he did, keen to find out how I'd "been doing". When I told him what I'd discovered in the dictionary he laughed. "I'm not going to be stopping abusing myself," he laughed.

We jerked off together. John's practising showed, as he fired a jet of cum that almost landed on his face. A couple of day's later he showed me the definition in a modern encyclopedia of his. It said: "Self stimulation of genitals". And the best bit: "Performed universally".

Just the cue I needed. John and I began jerking off together just about everyday. In between times, I was wanking at least two more times daily. I loved it!
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