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Diary of a one handed typist

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by , September 21st, 2006 at 10:04 AM (494 Views)
Why one handed? Well, fo course my other hand is busy giving attention to my always stiff dick - when I'm surfing JUB of course.

Apart from the fabulous galleries, of which there are many, and the discussions, the thought of other guys surfing hard is a turn on too. In fact I often try to recall where I used to jerk off before I had the web.

I'm 37 years old, been wanking for real since I was 12. When I say for real, before that I can remember enjoying having my hand down my pants. My mum once caught me sniffing my hand after I'd had it down my undies. She told me it was dirty. It didn't put me off though, just kept out of her way while I was doing it.

My first time was while camping in a friend's garden. He told me what masturbating was and we tried it together. I can remember it feeling good although I didn't cum the first few times. But I was hooked! The earlier pleasures I'd had were now understandable.
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