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Comic Con Report

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well i just got back from comic con so i figured i would give a report... Comic Con was awesome as usual... I am leaving wow for warhammer online :p
but more importantly the more normal stuff...
I checked out Prism comics as i was recomened to and was totally awesome... i hung(lol) out there the most :p

are works by this guy Tim Fish... very cool guy I got him to sign ;)

that was well one of the cool parts... the coolest was
very fun movie and !oops! i got to hug the main character and this other guy that was in the movie... they were shirtless... and the other guy was just in breifs and then he hugged me and omg i was so nervous i didn't want to touch them cause i have never had to hotties be like that around me !oops! so it was fun

i spent money of course... my best purchase...

that thing helped so much...
for fun i baught a walking stick and matching necklace...

thats the staffs top

thats the necklace
and as my usual weapon purchase... i got somethin fun for my off hand...

all in all an awesome con... i think i'm gonna try to work at one next year.. preferably prism cause the guy there was so nice and fun i would love to work over there with him.... :p so yeah was lots of fun sept that i drove and well that wasn't to fun :p oh i did buy these random 10 dvds for $20 just cause.... :p go b-horror movies...

so was fun :p once i get pics of me with the guys from my friend ill post them