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Stem Cell Research Bill --Vetoed!!

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I am so mad right now at President Bush II that I could just spit!!!

Why does he have to be so damned righteous about the stem-cell issue?

We ALL know that these "parts" are what will be thrown away's NOT unborn children that will NOT be born!

President Bush and the Ultra-Far-Right, just try and put it "ALL" as just being a "Black or White" issue........Well, it's NOT that easy!

I bet if George W's daughters had say, Parkinson's Disease, or some of the other diseases that "could be helped with stem cells", that his tune would change right quick in order to try and save their lives!!!

I know I should NOT let my emotions come out in this blog; but dammit, lives can be saved or made more comfortable and even possibly cure some of the freaky,
bad, diseases we have to live with and accept as life-altering diseases!

I guess, before I say some further "bad-things", I best call it a night and just say........."Why oh why did the Senate NOT over-ride that damned veto he put on the stem-cell research issue???

Hmmmmm, one last note from the Republican side of the coin here: I know that some of the Senators who voted NOT to use stem-cell research will find it very, very difficult to get re-elected in the Fall!!

Pay back is a bitch my mealy-mouth Senators!